About Us

God cannot teach a child to whistle, spit or make disgusting noises with their armpit . . . that's
why He made Grandfathers

I was taught to read at the age of three because my Grandmother didn't see any reason I shouldn't.
Starting with fairy tales, I set about to read every book ever published, from Jules Verne, the Classics,
Asimov, King, L'Amour, Clancy to Clive Cussler. Along the way I wrote humor, newspaper articles, anything
someone might read. After fifty years, I decided to get serious. Now I write from a perspective of travel,
history and for the sheer love of it. Let me entertain you.
The Manitou growing out of my back is my child bride of forty years, Theresa, who is currently working on
a romance and has a children's book coming out soon, called
 When Jacob Taught the Cows to Read.  
She has several degrees, including a BS in History and an MBA, and I have no idea why she has stayed
with this dummy for forty years.  But, I'm so glad she has!