CAPROCK  by S.J.Beres     A Joshua Block Novel

THE LLANO ESTACADO . . . Thousands of square miles of nothing, the Great Desert, big enough to hide a stolen
herd of cattle and the secret of Coronado's gold.  Is it big enough to hide the passions of those within, or the justice
of Joshua Block, U.S. Marshal?

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FIRST DIG TWO GRAVES by S.J. Beres     A Joshua Block Novel

A sixteen year old boy witnesses the murder of his parents and barely escapes his burning house.  He confronts
the killers and takes seven bullets for his ignorance.  Nursed back to life by two ex-slaves and a gambler, he begs
them for their knowledge and despite their misgivings he will not be denied.  Along his Trail of Vengeance he hunts
the killers, becomes a man and U.S. Marshal Joshua Block.

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FREEDOM TRAIL by S. J. Beres       A Joshua Block Novel

U.S. Marshal Joshua Block, against his will, is sent to find two slaves who escaped bondage during the Civil War.
Block is against slavery, even fought for the Union for that reason, and he contemplates turning in his badge in
protest.  Assured that he must only find them, that in 1880 all men are free, Josh sets out on one of the most
deadly missions of his career.  Along the trail he will find hate, murder, kidnapping and a taste of what it means to
be in bondage.  He doesn't like it and vows to bring justice no matter how the chips fall.  He doesn't care that the
trail to freedom runs deep into the Palo Duro Canyon all the way to a U.S. Senator's door!

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VALLEY OF THE GUN  by S.J. Beres     A Joshua Block Novel

A favor owed:  Josh again becomes a bounty hunter, turning in his badge to travel into Mexico in search of Julian
Escobar, a border raider who has viciously murdered an innocent family and stolen their stock.  Escobar lives in a
mountain valley fortress surrounded by a small army.  Josh must find the man, capture him and bring him to justice.  
Along the way he must fight two armies, the weather, and a deadly disease with only the help of a dog.  Not an easy
task, even for Joshua Block, Bounty Hunter.

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THE FARMER  by S.J. Beres       A Joshua Block Novel

Marshal Block has gone up against many foes, but the Farmer,  a vicious and enigmatic vigilante, may be his
greatest challenge, , , especially when he goes after Josh.
While Josh is concentrating on investigating a series of stage robberies, he is totally unaware that he himself is
being stalked by the Farmer who has been given a contract on Josh.  The bounty killer seems to be always one
step ahead of Josh and when they meet, Josh discovers that he has met a man maybe more capable than himself.  
Can Josh rise to the challenge?

An Amazon Kindle E-book         Price $3.99

by S.J.Beres
. . . is the most fantastic book I have read. From the first page it grabbed me and set me right into the action as if I were right there
alongside during the whole story.  It is full of integrity, mystery, emotions, all of which left me sitting on the edge of my seat at times
turning pages as fast as I could.  It had me laughing, cheering for the strength not to lose, holding my breath and saying Yessss!  
Alright!  Good for you! In other
circumstances, such as the groceries and in many other times. The fear, sadness and admiration and the many emotions I felt are
A story of the Wild West and the history of Caprock and legends, the hardships of all that the desert endured, from the elements to the
dangers, showing the strength and courage of all who were there daring and courageous enough to be there, including the animals and
of the relationships, bonding and trust between humans and animals and how much that bonding was needed then.  And the
personalities of the animals definitely made me smile, as it is so true of animals and their true beings.
Joshua Block, a fine and outstanding man along with others is a man of fair play, second chances, justice, honesty, truth and gentleness
which, as Mr. Beres writes, comes with strength.  So many twists and turns throughout the story, which led to a very unexpected ending.  
The thoughts such as, "Well there goes that clue", as Joshua Block works on the cases he was assigned.  The coming together of so
many to help each other.
This book is wonderful and perfect for the whole family.  It is full of teachings of truthfulness to being a person of courage, strength and
honesty, the symbolism's of such things such as what wearing a gun means. A world of men and women, respect and honor, the eyes
that tell the truth in each person is how Joshua Block would help things along to solving the crimes and situations and how men and
women lived and survived.

I cannot recommend this book highly enough.  It is a family story from the youngest child to the grandparents and one to be read
generation after generation. I'd so like to give everyone I know
a copy of this book.  It is just absolutely marvelous.  And I must say to Mr. Beres, the dedication of this book is that of the utmost caring,
respect and gratitude.  Dedicating it to the Pioneers who settled the West for us. Thank You S.J. Beres for that and this wonderful story.  
I can't tell enough people about this book that I cannot get out of my mind and could not put down and could read over and over again.
Its absolutely Magnificent!  I cannot wait to read the next book in the series, Palo Duro Canyon , which I just received today.   

Tracey O

Historically Accurate Western Page-Turner January 5, 2013
What an excellent dilemma! Beres does it justice with historical accuracy in skillfully-weaved situations that keep us constantly on the the edge.

Once again, I do recommend reading "First Dig Two Graves" to best familiarize yourself with this wonderfully-created heroic character of the old west.
Kanagawa Ken

Wasn't a western fan. November 26, 2012
I should lead off with saying that I am normally not a fan of westerns. I heard SJ Beres is a good storyteller. I'll say that he's not a master story teller, yet, but
surely a great one. I was pleasantly surprised. This book is mostly a page-turner and the length was just right. I thoroughly enjoyed it.